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Hawker Hurricane 1/12 scale stratch build

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This is outstanding! I scratched a 1/24 Hawker Fury to add to my  basic 1/24 Airfix collection (unbuilt) because I'm sure it will never be a production kit. Your road here is similar but MUCH bigger. 1/12 is not just twice as long as 1/24, it's also  16 times the volume (2x2x2).   Pantograph. I was just thinking about this tool for the scratch builder. I need one! 

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Hi Alain

You are right! But this Polish 1/48!! Hurricane is an absolute mastermiece!!! :clap2:I also found it browsing the internet couple of moth ago.

Think he had to use a microscope...:D!!

If I want to achieve this precision this guy has with 1/48 I have to improve my skills 


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OMG!  I'm in Awe.


PHENOMENAL  build so far Thomas. 


so how huge will this model be when completed?

You are doing a BRILLIANT job. 

Very methodical and  meticulous indeed .


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