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Hawker Hurricane 1/12 scale stratch build

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 Hi folks. I had the idea for this projekt 30 years ago! The idea was to make a model in the double size as the Airfix 1/24 Hurricane.

Using any for me available materials such as aluminum, brass, plastic sheet, metal sheet of beer-cans etc...

Lacking of original drawings I started with the drawings of L.A.Bentley. Later on I could get a lot of original drawings (Ian Hudson - warbirdsrestoration)


I found there are not many Hurricane scratch builders worldwide browsing the internet..

For me - the one and only - was Ripaman! - thank you Richard for encourage me to publish my projekt!:D


On the JNE Aircraft website I found a lot excellent pics. Thank you John for giving me details and dimensions for the center-section!!

In 2012 and 2016 I had the opportuinty to visit Hawker Restorations and cold get some helpful pics of details which are not to find neither

in internet nor in any books..  Thanks again to H.R!


I start publish with old pics. Newer will follow soon.



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34 minutes ago, hurribomber said:


Close! Instead of copying the 'share' link, which just points to the web page containing your images, click on one so that it expands in the browser, right-click on it, and select the option to copy that image's link (the wording of that option will depend on which browser you're using). When you paste that link here, you should get this:




And it is indeed highly impressive work!





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