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1/32 Spitfire PR Mk.IV

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Hi everyone, I have not posted for a while on the forum as most of my builds tend to be in smaller scales but I have just finished a 1/32 Spitfire PR Mk.IV so here are a few pictures.

I used the Revell Mk.IIa kit along with an AIMS conversion set and a few resin extras from Barracuda.


The AIMS conversion all fitted in place perfectly and includes the Vokes filter and several different types of camera to fit inside the fuselage. The build had a few issues along the way but all of my own making through not reading the instructions properly but I think I managed to get everything sorted out in the end. Decals came from the AIMS Monotone Spitfire sheet.


The aircraft is a "The Flying Scotsman" of No.681 Squadron based at Chandina, India, February 1944.


























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1 hour ago, dennismcc said:

Great job, I keep meaning to build a PR Spitfire but never get round to it even though I have an AIMS and an Alleycat conversion in the stash.





Go on, you know you want to :)

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17 hours ago, Fanes said:

How was the fit of the vac canopy?

The middle and rear fit very well.  The front section needed to have a couple of pieces of thin plastic cemented to the fuselage sides for the canopy to sit on and then filled to smooth everything out.  This was all done after everything was painted and caused no real problems other than an extra day waiting for the Milliput to dry.


Thanks for the kind comments everyone. 

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On 5/27/2022 at 12:38 PM, Palm-tree said:

Lovely work on the Mk IV Andrew.


Did you use the undercarriage parts from the kit or did you replace them with metal alternatives?

 I used the kit parts but both legs broke off later on in the build at the join so I had to drill them out and strengthen with brass rod inserts.

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