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U-510 Late War Type IX C Monsun U-Boat


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On November 3rd 1943 U-510, a Type IX C German U-Boat, set sail from Lorient, France, reaching Penang, Malaysia 155 days later. From there she sailed to Singapore, Kobe, and Batavia before returning to St. Nazaire on April 23rd, 1945. During her career she sank 11 ships and damaged several others. (Uboat.net)


I'm depicting her using the Revell U-505 1/72 scale kit and the corresponding Pontos photoetch set. Thanks very much to Jeff (B-17) for trading this out of production kit and making the build possible! Yes, the build is a lot of work but it is therapeutic. The major prep work was opening the drainage holes with a Dremel and sanding away all of the deck surface detail.








According to Dougie Martindale (https://amp.rokket.biz/lib_uboats.shtml) the late war Type IX boats had the rear part of the propellor/rudder guards cut away, so I modified the kit part accordingly. You can also see I need to do more cleanup on those drainage holes!




The wooden deck looks great, but I had to open every drainage hole with an X-acto knife. Every one.








The Pontos set is not for the timid, but the combination of brass, photoetch, and wood is hard to beat.






And lastly I'm adding the Eduard 120cm deck gun, since U-510 kept hers through the war.




Until next time!


Cheers,  Tom

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2 hours ago, LSP_K2 said:

Nice! I'll be watching with great interest.


1 hour ago, Mark P said:



Mark Proulx

Kevin, Mark, it’ll be great having you follow along! I’m approaching a big milestone when I finish detailing the hull, then it’s off to work on the fairwater. Just glad cutting out the wood slots is mostly behind me!


Cheers,  Tom

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