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Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190D-9 Late "Brown 4"


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Thanks for the comments! Appreciated as always!


12 hours ago, John1 said:

 Love those wheel wells!  So many modelers ignore them when they are weathering.  In reality, wheel wells are probably the grimiest part of an aircraft.   One humble suggestion on weathering - your subject appears to be a very late war aircraft.   Keep in mind by that time, most Luftwaffe aircraft were hardly ever flown due to fuel shortages, so you probably won't see a high degree of wear and tear on the airframe.   As always though, there were exceptions.   


Keep up the good work! 


Thank you John!  I'm not sure I agree about these late war Luftwaffe aircraft not seeing a high degree of wear and tear.  The photos I've been looking at seem to indicate otherwise, generally speaking.  While I agree that fuel shortages probably severely limited flying time, perhaps it was offset somewhat by the lack of maintenance and poorer standards of material, assembly and painting.  While I did not mimic it verbatim, I used photos Blue 12 (500570) as a rough indicator of how Brown 4 might have faired, from a weathering perspective.



9 hours ago, scvrobeson said:

Always love seeing your weathering process John.  I've tried the salt weathering before, and mine definitely doesn't look as good as yours. I'll just have to keep trying on it.






Thanks Matt!  Not happy with how this particular application of salt weathering turned out either but I'm adjusting it to suit.



1 hour ago, Greg W said:

All of the work here is just so beautifully rendered, from build to paint to post. Its a real treat to go over the thread multiple times and soak it in. 


Which flat clear have you used and how do you like to apply it?


At the moment, I am using Model Master Flat Acryl thinned with 90% iso alcohol as it does not like either Tamiya Acrylic Thinner nor Mr Leveling Thinner. It is still susceptible to frosting as the finish gets flatter.  That's why I stopped at this somewhat satin sheen for Brown 4.  I'm still looking for a clear flat that will give me a dead flat finish WITHOUT frosting.


Almost approaching the finish line on this one. Checking to see the fit of the external bits that were finished earlier like the Eduard PE flaps. Friction is enough at the three attachment points to keep each flap in place without glue so I can slip these on and off as necessary.



Some adjustments need to made (shaving the landing gear door extensions that I added) to make the landing gear fit.  Not glued in yet... just checking things out.





I've reached a point where I won't be spraying anything on the fuselage, at least near the cockpit anyway, so off come the paint masks on the clear parts.  There was a bit of overspray that crept into the windshield on the starboard side but I was able to gently scrub it away with a wooden toothpick moistened with water.  I've added some chipping using a silver pencil.





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Thanks guys, especially the feedback about the sheen vs. dead flat.  I'll have to explore that a little more. And I've ordered some GX113 to check out as well.


Last bits are being added onto the model.  The landing gear legs have been glued into place.


The tail wheel also.



I'm using JB Kwik Weld 2-part epoxy to attach the wheels to the main landing gear legs.  It's thickish like toothpaste and starts to hard in about 5 minutes, giving me time to orient the flat spots on the tires correctly.



The little IFF antenna, the DF loop antenna and the boarding ladder are attached now.



The ETC rack and drop tank are held in place with friction so I'm not going to glue them in place.



She's nearing the finish line!


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Some small details that might be easy to miss...

On the starboard landing gear retraction arm, I've added a small wire to represent the tail wheel retraction cable.



Drain ports augmented with brass tubing.



Pitot tube and wing tip light.



I've added small tabs fashioned from PE sprue to the canopy.  This will "pinch" the canopy in a little when it is in the open position.





The only remaining things to be done are the aerial and the landing gear indicators. Finished photos should be coming soon!


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