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Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190D-9 Late "Brown 4"

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Thanks for the comments everyone!


On 10/30/2022 at 2:49 AM, Troy Molitor said:

Wow.  That really looks amazing.  Superb efforts going on here John.  

We still get to see the Ki-61 after this one?  Perhaps the Me 163?  Maybe something new?  LOL.  




Not sure Troy!  Most likely shifting back to the Ki-61.  Not too enamoured with the Me163 as Meng's decision to mold the clear parts without the framing is yielding results that just kill my eyes.  So maybe something new soon... kinda contemplating a Razorback P-47 per Gazza's discussion over on the LSP Discussion board.


After a few failed attempts, this is my final coat of RLM 76 Light Blue on the drop tank.  Kept having trouble with the hairspray chipping stage.  Once you take off too much paint, it's hard to bring back to an acceptable state so I've had to scrub everything off and start over a few times.



After an acceptable hairspray chipping exercise.



The drop tank after the decals and a flat coat.



The ETC rack was painted RLM 66 Dark Grey.




Temporarily mounted on the yet to be weathered fuselage bottom.


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Awesome work thus far John!  Following your build threads is always instructive for me.  I have this kit and will use this thread as a reference when I build mine, but I won't be making all the corrections you have, my skill set is not at your level.



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The colors just pop from the bottom up.  More importantly, top downwards. Brilliant.  :bow:


That innocent bullfrog capture from last summer fishing episode in SoCali lives another life until next year to make his own comments!    I love that fishing video.   

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