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Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190D-9 Late "Brown 4"


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Thanks guys!  

Painting continues with the tail markings.  The Werk Number and swastika was scanned from the Eagle Editions decal sheet and traced using AutoCAD. This allowed me to cut paint masks using the Silhouette Portrait cutter. The black fuselage cross was added at this stage as well.




The swastika looked too big and when I checked the decal sheet again, I found that I had traced the wrong swastika.  So after sanding down the edges of the newly-painted Werk Number and swastika, I covered up the tail with paint again.  I've also started adding the Bright Green RLM 82 (AK Real Colors) to the top of the fuselage.



After the corrected swastika and Werk Number were added back to the tail, the masking tape around the black and white tail bands were removed.




I still need to add the Brown "4" and dash but painting is almost finished.




I'm not really happy with the demarcation between the green and brown at the front fuselage... may just make it a hard separation at the gun cowling panel line.


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Thank you Gaz and Iain!


The brown "4" and bar are masked and painted.




With the completion of these markings, the painting is stage is just about complete.




Note that part of the "4" appears to be curved when viewed from behind.


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Looking very good.  I like your choice in colours, but these late war Luftwaffe paint schemes are so hard to nail down.  I've read that planes were painted in whatever colours the factory or units could lay their hands on, and this build certainly shows that to good effect.





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Thanks guys!


On 10/22/2022 at 8:47 PM, Scale32 said:

It's too clean.....! Ah but that is where the real fun begins, in the weathering.


Great work as always John.


Cheers Bevan 


Ah yes. the weathering step is yet to come so this bird will be dirtied up considerably! 


Not quite finished with the painting yet as I wanted to make a few corrections.  First is the demarcation between the upper and lower camo colors in the vicinity of the fuselage cross.



Since I have a photo of the starboard fuselage of Brown 4, I thought I'd try to match the demarcation line a little more closely.



I'm not a huge stickler for this type of matching but this one is easy enough since I can use the leftover mask materials to protect the markings I've already painted.



After the minor correction...



I also noticed that the brown bar on this side is slightly drooping so this was fixed as well. Yes, the bar is noticeably lighter than the "4" so I'll need to adjust that as well.



The stencil markings are going to primarily masked and painted using the 1ManArmy laser-cut stencils.  These are really cool and, in many ways, superior to decals.  Obviously the biggest advantage of painted markings over decals is the absence of decal carrier around the marking.  And given the fast-drying nature of the acrylic paints that I'm using, painting is faster than applying decals since the decal solution step is not necessary.






Resolution of the masks is incredibly fine and I highly recommend trying these masks out if you have the chance.  Another plus is that they are re-usable.  I just replace the masks back onto the sheet after use.



One drawback to using these masks is that since the yellow masking material is opaque, placement can be tricky. Not insurmountable but additional care in placement needs to be practiced. The upper wing stencils have been painted.




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John - I don't know where to start!  What a beautiful FW.  How 'bout this - the correction you made on the tail swastika's.  You just cooly and calmly fix such things, or seem so, whereas were it me my hair would be on fire, and my fix would we worse than the original miscue.  And boy - you really put that stencil maker of yours to use.


The 1ManArmy stencils are super impressive as well.  It brings to mind the difficulty we had with the skull & crossbones stencils.  How do you suppose those guys can get that kind of tiny detail to come off so clean?  Wish they did 1/18... 

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