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Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190D-9 Late "Brown 4"


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54 minutes ago, scvrobeson said:

Always excellent progress John. I hope the trip went well for you.


I meant to ask, which black do you use for your pre-shading? It looks like it really gets the job done well.





Thanks Matt!  Unfortunately, the trip was extended due to my father's illness and eventual passing.  Not a happy situation but he was 91 and lived a long and blessed life so I'm glad at least that we were there to say good-bye.


The black I used was Tamiya X-1 Black thinned with Mr Leveling Thinner.  

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Thanks for the support, everyone!  We did not plan the trip to say farewell to my father but it was, in many ways, so fortunate that we were there and present for everything that unfolded.  I was able to see him, speak to him, pray with him and send him off peacefully.  Although he was not a model builder himself, my interest in WW2 aircraft was definitely sparked by my father when he took me to see Tora Tora Tora at a theater when I was 7-8 years old.


The horizontal stabilizers have been painted and temporarily mounted. The upper fuselage camo colors need to be sprayed on.



The bottom is further along, paint-wise.  The flap openings have been masked off and painted RLM 02 Grey (Mr Hobby Aqueous).



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Finally got around to spraying the upper fuselage colors.  This will primarily be Dark Brown RLM81 (AK Real Color Version 1 lightened with a bit of Off-White).


The tail was lightly misted with the RLM81 color and the rudder was mottle using a combination of RLM76 over RLM81.





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