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Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190D-9 Late "Brown 4"


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I re-did the landing gear covers after I realized that I had wrongly assumed that the bottom color was RLM 74 Dark Grey. My references say RLM 75 Violet Grey.  The stencils were sprayed using the 1ManArmy masks, highlighting that these can be re-used multiple times.




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4 minutes ago, JayW said:

Holy Moly - that looks like pristine chrome plating!  How did you get it that shiny?


Hey - the entire assembly looks like it came from a maintenance hangar in an occupied  French Aerodrome.  Awesome.  


Thank you Jay!  That's an easy answer... I did absolutely nothing!  Damian's SOW composite legs have stainless steel components so I simply had to mask that area off!


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Thanks guys... appreciate the feedback as always!


I decided to give my self a kick in the pants and get the painting underway since the gloss black base for the natural metal has been sitting for a few days now.  Prior to painting the black, I had mapped out the different colors on the bottom.



I've decided to try a different metal paint for this one.  This Mr. Metal Color No.218 Aluminum.  From the few Youtube clips I've seen, this paint seems to spray well and can be buffed after application if you want a shinier finish.  It also seemed to have no adverse reaction to a clear coat on my paint mule.



I also wanted to try a matte pre-shade to see if I could create some texture in the metal finish. I used flat tan color to create a random mottle over the gloss black.




This is the metal color after spraying.  You can see some of the texture that the flat mottle created when the surface is viewed at an angle.  Otherwise, it is not very noticeable.



After drying, I buffed the metal surface lightly with a clean cotton t-shirt.  This removed the slight graininess.  Alclad Duraluminum and AK Extreme Metal White Aluminum were used to create contrast in the panels and ports.



The metal sections were masked off using Tamiya yellow tape.  



The leading edge of the wing bottom was given a mottle treatment prior to spraying the RLM 75 Grey Violet (Mr Hobby Aqueous).


The Alclad colors, which had been sprayed directly on the Mr Metal, lifted with the tape so I ended up removing most of it.



Instead of fixing the panels, I decided to spray the black crosses first.





The panels and ports were re-sprayed (just Alclad Duraluminum this time) and the ailerons were painted RLM 76 Light Blue (Mr Hobby Aqueous).  Here's what the wing bottom looks like after painting but before any weathering.




Dialing down the exposure, you can just make out some of the texture on the NMF.



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Great update John.  Always enjoy following your painting process, it's always informative.


I like the Gunze Mr. Super Metallic colors, they seem a bit sturdier than the Metal Color ones, and don't need buffing afterwards.  The Metal Color Dark Iron though is awesome for engines and guns.





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stunning as always - it's great to see this coming together.


Alaclad have nice finishes but are just too delicate and unpredictable for me - I can't be doing with the tape lift / paint lift combo!


For those interested, I can vouch for MRP metallics and say they won't lift with Tamiya tape (I always spray on a Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 primer btw) 

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6 hours ago, scvrobeson said:

I like the Gunze Mr. Super Metallic colors, they seem a bit sturdier than the Metal Color ones, and don't need buffing afterwards.  The Metal Color Dark Iron though is awesome for engines and guns.





I concur. Mr.Color SUPER METALLIC are tougher than the rest. As much as the Tamiya TS cans although the Tamiya has finer pigments.

They won’t lift, thin admirably and accept AK Xtreme Metal enamels with no issue.

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Love to see the coloring applied.  The photos you take are just as good as the model.  We are so spoiled witnessing this one come together.  

Looking forward to the top side as well.  I recall this particular aircraft had two different tones of RLM 76 applied?  The RLM 75 on the underside really pops next to the natural metal.  Another epic build coming together for you John.  Love it.  

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Super build. :clap2:I really like your attention to details. Hope you don't mind if I post some pics for you inspiration.


Note some panel lines on the bottom side of the wing are bright - looks like light grey putty (?) overpainted with thin layer of the camouflage color, in your case RLM 75:



I am really curious for your interpretation of that panel - its color and the color of the line around the panel:



What color are you going to use for the upper surfaces - RLM 81 of the brown shade or dark/olive green shade?

Happy modeling.




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