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A question about my Future

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Got an old bottle from probably 15 years ago or longer.  It’s a little cloudy looking now.  I want to dip a resin canopy on a Fisher Cougar I’ve just started. Should I go search for a new bottle that I can take to the grave with me? Or will this one be fine? 

Also, should I paint the canopy framework before dipping or after?  I’ve never dipped a canopy and since this one is irreplaceable, I’ve got to get it right the first time.  Finish on the Cougar will be a gloss blue anyway. 

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Great thing about dipping in Future is that you can remove it with Ammonia based glass cleaner like Windex.  I'd be willing to try the old bottle, knowing that you can strip it if needed.  And I'd dip it prior to painting, that way if you mess up the paint, the entire assembly can be stripped and reattempted.


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Posted (edited)

Mine is definitely older than 15 years (and travelled about half of the world) but have no adverse effect on canopies. I haven't used resin ones though.

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