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1/32 Dragon Messerschmitt Bf110 C from Wingtech D\E

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This one has been in the cupboard for a while.



Continuing my BOB build theme, I want to build it as a C variant. I like the look of this one flown by Oberslt Huth of ZG 26.

The camo scheme is quite interesting and will require some further research, but I do like the look of this one below.





I have this AM goodness 





What I am not sure on is the differences between the Kit D version and the C version, in particular the IP and cockpit.


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As far as the kit parts go, I believe that all of the kits use the same plastic IP and cockpit parts, except I think the E-2/Trop has a different rear seat.


You can see the instructions for the C kit below.  It’s the Revell boxing, but they are a bit better than the Dragon instructions, and correct some of the errors in the latter.





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Nice to seen another 110 WIP, the base kit is the same for all boxings I believe with just extra sprues added tailored to the particular version. If you can get hold of the Revell instructions it will make life easier. Also beware if the brittle and difficult clear parts as well!


Regards. Andy 

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Nice! Good to see another C being built!!

Your colour plate of looks like 3U+AA  a C-4 -

I see you've got decals/masks for either a C-2 or C-4 variant - and basically the major difference between a C-2 and C-4 was that the ventral MG-FF cannon (C-2) were replaced with MG-FF/M cannon. The C-2 would probably have a Hulsenwanne installed (spent cartridge fairing below the fuselage to catch brass)

So, off the top of my head, the visible differences between the kit D and any of those C's (notwithstanding any aircraft specific differences you find) you'll be building are -

1. Fill in the fuselage aerial location point on the port side. C-2/4's were usually upgraded to the Fug X radios, which usually did away with the dual aerial leads. But check references....but usually starboard lead only.
2. Fill in the square fresh air ventilation hatch located starboard fuselage just behind the Bordfunker position. Only found on E's onwards.
3. Make sure you use the smaller T shaped pitot tube. E's onwards had the larger pitot tube
4. Check if your specific aircraft had the armoured windscreen.
5. The upper trim tab adjustment arms for the horizontal stab were not present on the C's or D's. Don't install them, and fill in the location points on the stab - you'll have to fill and rescribe those panel lines as well.
6. Your C-4 will probably have the faired-over Bordfunker gun position (dragon give you 3 options). Again, check references, but either the solid insert or the insert with the fairing present should be good. The C-2 would probably have the opening in the insert for the MG to sit in.
7. The MLG differs between variants with strengthening being applied from D's onwards I believe. But don't worry too much about that, the kit MLG as-is, are just fine.
8. Your C-2 would have most likely had an RLM02 interior, and your C-4 might have had a RLM66 cockpit (or RLM66/02 mix)

I would much prefer to use a well-dressed kit IP over the Eduard offering. The Eduard stuff looks "flat" IMO.

Lovely kit...just don't pay much attention the the instructions....;)

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Posted (edited)

Hi Lain,

Thanks for the detailed list of differences. From the Montex images it looks like I am building a C4.


Edited by CraigC
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