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1/35 UH-1N gunship

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8 hours ago, Oldbaldguy said:

I love this.  Makes me want to build Navy LSHs instead of Navy LSPs.  And I know next to nothing about helos.  I gotta get me one of these.

i love doing 1/35 helos because of the nice figures you can get :)   You should do one! 

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5 hours ago, chrish said:

That looks so much more menacing than the single engine aircraft!

just looks nasty!

very nicely done

thanks !  The UH1N twin Huey definitely looks a bit meaner that’s for sure.

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Moving along!
Added a bit more color, light ghost grey and a smidge of dark ghost grey on the nose and tail, 

landing gear painted and installed.

rotors assembled and painted( just need to weather and dry brush) 


im very happy with how it’s turning out :)  this is only my 4 kit since getting back into the hobby and I’m learning a lot and still tons to learn 









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