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Airfix 1/24 Spitfire

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After half-seriously toying with the idea of ditching the whole thing right there, I repeated the same procedure using 0.30mm drill and wire: Drill bits that size are fantastically fragile and I broke a quite few before getting the knack of using them. On the verge of success, I then realised that the chuck was a3 or 4 hundredths of a mm out of round. That hadn‘t been a problem with 0.50mm, but was with 0.30. Sigh!!! So I ordered an appropriately-sized collet for the rotary table (collets give more accuracy than chucks) . While waiting for the parcel, I started hunting for a solution for setting the frets. Gerald Wingrove’s site Wingrove Site Menu (REALLY worth a visit) came up with the goods: tin the wire, i.e. coat the wire with a thin layer of solder…


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Another view of the finished product. I’m not entirely satisfied, perhaps because 10x zoom is unforgiving, but it’s high time to move on, namely to the rudder wheel, throttle quadrant and undercarriage controls.. Apologies for the wordiness of this post,



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Sensational result Jean!


If you are going to continue with that sort of tenacity, you'll be rewarded with one very special model! Your use of the lathe has me thoroughly rivetted.


Loving this build, keep the outstanding work going mate!




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Thanks Ango. Famous last words perhaps, but the resrt of the cockpit should be clearer sailing from here on in. I hope so, because my reserves of tenacity are dwindling FAST.


Cheers, Jean

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