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1:32nd scale RAF BE2c

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11 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Nice work, Mike. What's the rigging material? Apologies if you've already mentioned it.



 Hi Kev,

As you probably know, the BE2c was rigged with RAF Aerodynamic 'wires', apart from flight controls and bracing, which were wire wound cable.

Some modelers have had success using flat photo-etch rigging.

However, I'm yet to be convinced the effect is worth it, given the lack of structural strength it gives to the model.

Therefore I use mono-filament of 0.08 or 0.12 mm diameter, as it does provide structural strength,



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8 hours ago, scvrobeson said:

What do you use to airbrush the rigging with? Just a simple flat coat, or is there color involved?





Hi Matt,

Once the model is fully rigged, I airbrush a light coat of semi-matte clear coat, usually 'Alclad' Light Sheen (ALC-311) over the rigging.

This is the same clear coat used over the model so it blends well.

The clear coat dull down the bright sheen of the mono-filament and makes the rigging more obvious.

The one thing to remember is to cover any transparencies first, or they'll get contaminated by the clear coat,



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Hi all,
The kit supplied landing gear comprises two ‘V’ struts and the axle/fairing.
The axle is intended to be glued to the bottom of the two ‘V’ struts.
However, there is nothing to retain the axle at the bottom of the struts, except the CA adhesive under the axle and onto the bottom of the struts.
The weight of the model bearing down on the axle and wheels with only the CA adhesive taking the weight is a joint failure waiting to happen.
Therefore this needs to be addressed.
Also the ’bungee’ suspension cords are retained between two discs on the ends of the axle, which are not represented in the kit.
Finally the internal strengthening rod within the axle protrudes from either end for mounting the wheels.
However, the protrusions do not go far enough into the wheels, which is another weak point.


Onward, upward,







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Hi all,
Landing gear and tail skid now done.
I managed to twist and pull the axle metal rod from the axle fairing.
This was replaced with a brass rod, which was longer to fit deeper into the wheels.
The axle retainer discs for the bungee suspension cords were cut from 0.2 mm thick plastic card with a central hole to fit onto the axle rod.
The axle assembly was held into the 'V' struts with CA adhesive, backed up with 0.2 mm diameter annealed copper wire.
The bungee cord, represented by 'EZ' line White (heavy), was then wrapped across and around the axle ends, between the retainer discs.


The model now needs to be held by the fuselage.
Therefore, before adding the elevator and rudder controls and wires, I'll need to fit the remaining parts to the forward fuselage.







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Hi all,
A few more updates.
Bombs and bomb control quadrant and cables added.
Hand operated fuel pressure pump added.
Engine exhausts with retaining frames added.
Windscreens added.
Upper wing straps added.
Ammunition drum rack added.
Pilot and observers machine guns added.
The tail planes and elevators added.
The fin and rudder added.
Kit supplied 3D printed wing skids replaced with 0.6 mm diameter blackened Brass tube.


The kit supplied CFS Mk.4 bomb sight has been binned.
It was so frail it literally fell off in bits!!
I'll need to make a representation of one instead.
Also the propeller will be fitted (last).
Finally the rudder and elevator controls and cables are still to be added.













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Hi all,
Bomb sight recovered from kit part with extras added from 0.3 mm diameter tube and 0.2 mm thick plastic sheet.
Also the pitot tube added from 0.3 mm diameter tube (blackened).


Just the elevator and rudder controls to add then it's onto the figures,







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Looks great Mike!  Did you have to bulk up the tail skid at all, or does it hold the weight without issue? Wouldn't want to risk a collapse down the line.


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