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SH / ICM AH-1G early cobra in 1/32(we got personality now)


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20 hours ago, scvrobeson said:

Absolutely brilliant progress!  Love the shaded and weathered paint.


How did you add the little white and black splotches under the green? By brush or airbrushed on?




all is airbrushed, after i cover the base coat i add more spot with the scotch brite sponge and the airbrush till a get the desired effect, is a process of building layers of cromatic tones till you get the weathered look that you are looking for


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  • oppenheimer changed the title to SH / ICM AH-1G early cobra in 1/32(we got personality now)
  • 2 weeks later...

So the cobra is standing now on his legs, the main windshield is on, the door will be the last , decals are on.


The kit is excellent, what i dislike are the decals, they are like the new eduard decals, that when they dried you have to peel the carrier film, this is a disaster with the small data stencils, most of them will come off with the carrier film






i did some small chipping on the skids and wing leading edges










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