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Out for a few weeks

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The wife and I are leaving tomorrow morning sound 5 am and we're taking the new truck & our off road trailer and heading for southern Colorado here in the states.

Depending on temp and how cool the dispursed camping is, we will then head south into New Mexico, hitting some dispursed camping along the way for a couple weeks. 

We should be returning around the 30th or the 1st, but may have little WiFi along the way, so I may or may not be able to log on and see what everyone is up to.

On my return I'll be seeing if I can muster some modeling MoJo to work on the F7F since the NATs are happening in August in my back yard and I'd love to have the Tigercat there.





Have fun and I'll talk to you all at the end of the month!





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1 hour ago, easixpedro said:




1 hour ago, easixpedro said:


Enjoy some Green Chile for me. I didn't get any in CO which is very unlike me. Would move to NM and eat nothing but that if I could.

Ooooooo!  Might want to consider New Mexico’s air quality policy first. I think they are leaning toward methane limits these days.

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Thanks gents!


Indeed, we will be starting out in northern NM in the Carson Ntn forest and will move south from there, and Carson and Pacos wilderness have both Cougar and bears.


Oh my!

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We live in northern New Mexico— Santa Fe to be exact. We also have a second home outside Pagosa Springs in southern Colorado. Both are in god’s country as far as I’m concerned. You’ll have a great time!

Get some green chile, or red for that matter. New Mexico has some of the best anywhere. Try to get a good green chile cheeseburger— a New Mexico classic not to be missed!

Bill M.

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4 hours ago, LSP_Ron said:

Safe Travels my friend.  


Drive safe and watch for those Cougars!! not joking.




3 hours ago, LSP_Ron said:

Bears are manageable, I love cats but Cougars are on you before you know your in trouble.  



We've actually been boondocking enough in cougar country that the wife and I incorporated a mountain lion print in our wedding crest that I turned into a decal for our trailer (AB= Annie & Brian):





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