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1 Man Army data stencils for airbrush

Woody V

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7 hours ago, dodgem37 said:

Fantastic.  Thank you.




I concur,  they are  superb.

Liked the video as it showed clear images of how they turn  out. And how to use them ! Excellent. 

Mist helpful in modelling.

thank you.


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Very impressive and it gets over the final “silvering” hurdle, I wonder if they are reusable? Rather expensive for a one-off buy at around an average price of £20.00 a sheet. 

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  • LSP_K2 changed the title to 1 Man Army data stencils for airbrush

I just realized that some go these masks are technically incorrect for some aircraft, particularly the Grummans. I know for certain the Hellcat and Avenger were not marked with stencils from the factory, but rather a commonly used font, and I'm pretty sure the same goes for the Wildcat and Douglas SBD. Perhaps if these were repainted as part of a "field modification" stencils would be used, but they did not come from the factory like that.


Sure, this is splitting hairs but I'm just saying. 

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