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Fw-190 A-8/ R-2 "Sturmbock" Revell 1:32

Sasha As

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1 hour ago, MARU5137 said:

Sasha As,

:post1:..  hope you are keeping safe and well.



Your build is looking mighty IMPRESSIVE. 

I adore the way the Engine looks.

Stunning work on it and other parts.


:goodjob:     :thumbsup:    :clap2:

MARUS 5137 Thanks for the feedback ! I'm fine. 

Edited by Sasha As
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1 hour ago, mc65 said:


what a clean and net engine, kudos!


may I ask wich kind of colors you've adopted to paint it? These are very convincing!


 mc 65 thank you for the review! I used a black primer. Metallic iron Mister Color. Crankcase, push rods engine paint Tamiya black plus navy blue (stirred) . Wiring, pipes, distributor ring, painted with Valejo paint. In their metallic color added brown and yellow, thus obtaining the necessary shades.

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1 hour ago, Archer Fine Transfers said:

The Revel FW 190 kits are far superior to the Hasegawa offerings and I'm glad to see one in the hands of an advanced modeler.

The only thing the Revel kits score a big, fat zero on is the thick trailing edges.... a real heartbreaker. 

Archer, thank you for the review! Revelle is indeed a very good set. I will be grinding the edges, they are really thick.  

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4 hours ago, easixpedro said:

Sasha, thanks for sharing with us. That kit looks so good it's got my mind in overdrive thinking of display possibilities. 

Stay safe.


Peter thank you for the review!!!

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14 minutes ago, Citadelgrad said:

Wow, Sasha, that engine is something to be very proud of.  


I have the F8 version in my stash, I am taking notes.  I am particularly interested to see how you tackle the trailing edges.


Very nice build, thank you for sharing.  

Citadelgrad thank you so much for the review! Glad you like the work! 

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