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I’m attempting my first WWI aircraft since the old Revell Spad way back in the ‘60’s. 

the rigging diagram is atrocious to say the least!  

the Rigging is a major focal point of this Iconic fighter,so glossing over the diagram pretty much wants me to sell it!  

I build from scratch 16/17th century sailing ships,so I no stranger to rigging,but there is A LOT of info out there for it. 

Where can I go for in depth info including the use of turn buckles. 

Thanks in advance! 

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Firstly from WNW guide.


Modelling hints & tips - BASIC.jpg (861×1280)
http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/v44B059BF/www/hintsandtips/Modelling hints & tips - BASIC.jpg





This one is an  actual  build. 


Good luck and Hello Ted.


Once you start your build, I am sure many on here who have built biplane etc will help you out.


Have a good day.


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Posted (edited)

KLP PUBLISHING  (  KLP Publishing – Scale Modelling Guide Books )  has a book by Karim Bibi where he built a biplane I think and I was pretty sure it had the information  you need.

Its been a while since I bought the book...



Here is a whole bunch of hints and tips(lot more than the 1st link I posted). from WNW..


Wingnut Wings - Hints & Tips


On rigging and turnbuckles. on Advanced Page 4.

Wingnut Wings - Hints & Tips




And Mike,' Sandbagger' on LSP has a unique collection of biplane he's built including the Eindecker E11 and on his webpage,  WIPS too .. 

or you could  ask him By PM...





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