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Zoukei Mura 1/32 Kawasaki Ki-100-I Type 5


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I was just thinking a few days ago how nice it would be if ZM would do this aircraft in 1/32 scale.  Now the thought becomes reality.  They are really doing a nice job of filling in some gaps in the 1/32 range of Japanese subjects.  Stoked about this news.  BTW, a close look at the CAD's reveals a razorback version is in the cards.

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Looks great, but oh, my poor wallet.  :speak_cool:  I love Z-M kits so this will be on my radar, although I hope it's released next year rather than this year because of all the other must have releases scheduled for this year.






PS.  Wish they'd do a later P-40 and Hurricane.


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If the ZM engineer read this topic:


Please can you put a option for landing gear closed or in flying position?


Some modelers like put the model kit flying


I did the J2M3 whit The landing gear closed and It was a nightmare




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