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A little MRP goes a long way!

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Received a shipment of paint this afternoon and was greeted by a bit of a surprise:








Predictably, the paint dried very quickly after I opened the bag. In examining the contents, I found that the tops were loose on six of the bottles.


This certainly isn't the end of the world and the mess is largely cosmetic. I'm missing some paint, but I'm sure that the vendor will make things right.


Rather, I'm posting because I'm relatively certain that I'm not the only modeler who will be impacted by this. 


I've purchased well over a hundred bottles of MRP in the last year, and I've never had them leak like this before...not one bottle...not one time.


Just don't inhale the contents should yours arrived similarly uncontained!




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Same thing happened with my shipment of MRP. It was only one bottle that leaked, but I lost about 25% to the bag it was in. 


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2 hours ago, ivanmoe said:

When I posted this, I thought that I had placed it in "General Discussion."


Won't hurt my feelings a bit if the moderators move it over there!  ;)




What a mess.



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Same thing happened to me with an E-Bay shipment of AK Real Colors recently. Lost about 10% of my IJNAF Cowling Blue-Black. Still good to go, but it was a surprise as well.


Cheers,  Tom

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Happened to me, more or less, on every single delivery of MRP (not from Sprue Brothers as that would be extremely stupid to ship them twice over the pond)

My guess is that they are vibration sensitive and unscrews themselves slightly during transit. Never happened with the old glass jars.

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4 hours ago, Hawkwrench said:


To me, that is very unacceptable and I'd be hesitant to buy paint from SB anymore!!!

I guess my work isn't the only place that hires numbnuts!!!!



Email SB and they always make it good.  If more people report this leaking problem then someone will mitigate the root cause problem.  

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Luckily it was it a sealed bag, i got extremely lucky last year i ordered a kit and some tamiya extra thin, they shipped the glue inside the kits box to save space ( smart idea) but it leaked!! Thank god it was in a sealed bag! 

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