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****Finished**** 1/32 Great Wall Hobby - P-40 Curtiss Hawk "Flying Tigers"

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After a gloss clear coat I have decided the markings.

My choice is from the 1st Pursuits squadron; P8194





By the way,

Houston, I have a question.....


Due to GWH instruction guide , pilot name exists on both sides. 

Is it correct? It was usually on the left side.

Any comments ?









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Cool choice!  I've been tempted to do one of these along with a display of an SBC Helldiver from the Saratoga (but where to find a SBC Helldiver?). 


Always fascinating to me how many Naval Aviators were in the initial cadre of AVG pilots. I've heard 75% from docents at the museum in Pensacola, but we all know how much docents like to elaborate on topics...  Interesting to me, as I'm sure that was a large leap going from dive bombing to becoming a fighter pilot. And to essentially resign your commission to join a fledgling group based off a couple of conversations with a handler. Crazy.


Looking forward to the markings!


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33 minutes ago, quang said:

Common practice is pilot’s name only on port (left) side. But as you may know, stranger things happen at sea. :P

I guess I choose the single port side.
As a result, this is not a rally car with the names of the pilots all over it

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Posted (edited)
6 minutes ago, quang said:

Very neat result Tolga :clap2::clap2::clap2:

What’s the issue with the kit roundels?

Thanks Quang

As a matter of the fact I am not sure it is a issue or not, but the kit roundels are multiparts (inner and outer parts) and the size of the upper and lower roundels were different. We can say that I trust CE more.

Edited by Tolga ULGUR
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5 hours ago, MikeMaben said:

Very nice paint Tolga.  Something looks odd about the headrest. Only the front section should be painted brown.

The rear should be the cammo color.  I think maybe they shaped it incorrectly.  The padding should mount directly

to the flat panel behind it.




hmmm  :coolio:

Thanks for the warning Mike

Yes there is a shape problem.

I disassembled the headrest and flattened the slot.
In addition, I changed the shape of the headrest as it should be.
I think it's much more accurate than before

I'll paint it later and put it in place.





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  • Tolga ULGUR changed the title to ****Finished**** 1/32 Great Wall Hobby - P-40 Curtiss Hawk "Flying Tigers"

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