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Kotare Spitfire mk 1

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Pre-ordering 3201 from Kotare, I selected 'United Kingdom' from the drop down address system, put in my Isle of Man home address and could proceed no further. Richard Alexander offered help. Still stuck. A few days later I noticed 'Isle of Man' in the drop down address system. Duh . . . I selected it. All was well, pre-order placed, with apologies to Richard.


This morning, that fine gentleman double checked the delivery address on my order. So, Kotare are respectable already and may exceed my high expectations. Roll on Christmas.

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It looks a lot like a Spitfire to me, would like more detail shots of the sprues.  I emailed Fundekals, to see if they are updating their stuff for this and they are.  Their 1/32 sheets they said are off to the printer already.  So around the time this comes out there should be a lot of 1/32 decal options.  


In my opinion right now, this kit is going to set a new bar in 1/32 high enough to make even me forget about Tamiya 1/32.  Just looking at their photos on the site, I think we are going to have something really special here.  We also have the promise of a whole series of at least early Spitfires.  I am not sure that matters to me, I don:t know right now if I care about anything between BOB and the Mk IX.  


For years i have thought that the optimal solution for 1/32 was the pursuit of an outstanding exterior, along with an amazing cockpit, an engine is not strictly needed and not entirely desirable.  I love the Tamiya kits and their magnet solution to Engines but having built 9 of them, I would be quite happy with a fabulous exterior and great cockpit and skipping the engine on some kits.

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On 9/20/2022 at 1:18 PM, AndrewE said:

It worked out at £147.34 this morning.  Rather more than I was anticipating.  I have put one on backorder with Hannants instead which will hopefully work out a bit cheaper. 

After some pondering I've pre-ordered from H's at £109.99 with I presume free shipping.


Personally - it would have been a definite NO at around £140 and it would have been a very speedy MUST HAVE IT at something meaningfully under £100. 

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1 hour ago, John1 said:

The nose looks way off.   




Kidding lads, put the pitchforks and torches away.  



Your comment is invalid without red circles and arrows. It must also include a period photo and model CAD shots taken at dissimilar angles to prove your point.

Try again :)




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1 hour ago, Panzerwomble said:

I wonder what Edgar would have made of it . 

Please forgive my ignorance.  Who is Edgar?

I only know of one:


Quoth the Raven, "Never mind the thread drift".

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