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Kotare 1/32 Spitfire Mk.Ia (Mid), with Mk.I (Early) and Mk.Va announced

John Stambaugh

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On 12/9/2022 at 11:44 AM, Gazzas said:

Anybody got a whiff of when these will hit anywhere?

I’m waiting for a call back from Lauren at Metro’s … apparently they will be $190 - so “Tamiya Prices” was a good guess.


Rog :)

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36 minutes ago, intheway said:

I have an offer to pre-order email from Sunward Hobbies in Toronto for $179.99 Canadian. That would be about $131.12 USD or 125.28 euros. Email says available in January, 2023.


That's not far off what I paid when I ordered directly from Kotare. 

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I so want Kotare to succeed (and don't care about the missing engine, which I'd rather was replaced by a smooth bearing for a rotating propeller), but... 


I'm going to have to have a seriously flush zone next year to buy one. And I still want one. But want doesn't mean get.



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I too hope that Kotare succeed and subsequently produce further top quality interesting subjects ( I will NOT be buying a second  £100 Spitfire ).

Actually I don’t want to be tempted by more new releases for some time, as too many kits have been,  or are about to be paid for over a rather short period of time; the ZM Bf 109, the Airfix Spitfire, the Italeri 1/12 Bugatti (not a plane, but expensive), and the Kotare Spitfire, and Revell Hurricane both to come shortly.







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Fascinating discussion. 


I suppose all things are relative. 

The Tamiya Spitfires cost a little more but do include an engine. 

The Revell Spitfires are significantly less and will suit some folk more than this. 


Then again, the Border models Lancaster costs around 6x the cost of this Spitfire and plenty of avid modellers have bought one. So it's horses for courses. 


The fact that we as modellers have so many new kits to enjoy is the true joy of this whole situation. 

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  • Kagemusha changed the title to Kotare 1/32 Spitfire Mk.Ia (Mid), with Mk.I (Early) and Mk.Va announced

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