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New airscale products - Metallic Placards / Dataplates


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Hi everyone,


We have an exciting range of new products coming in the next few months and I am pleased to release the first today :)


These are Metallic Airframe Placards & Dataplates in scale Brass / Aluminium colours


Available in the following scales:


1/24 @ £8.95

1/32 @ £7.95

1/48 @ £7.25


Available here


Product Details

Metallic Placards

  • Individual airframe and engine placard decals produced using metallic inks for real brass & aluminium effect.
  • Representing many manufacturer Dataplates found on engines and in aircraft serving in WW2.
  • Suitable for both Allied & German aircraft, featuring manufacturers like Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney, Wright, Bell, Vought, Boeing, North American,Focke-Wulf, Junkers, Messerschmitt, Bosch, Bendix etc.








I hope they are a welcome addition to our hobby :)


We also have Prop Logo's, a remastered full colour RAF set, the HobbyBoss 1/18 Fw190 Cockpit Upgrade, 1/24 Harrier etched Panel, a brand new range of Seatbelts and even a 1/72 scale superset coming soon






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