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Master of Swords - Darth Talon (75mm)


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Hi fellow modellers

Due to lack of time and space for next  LSP-modelling project I was looking for some alternative project just to not get out of practise.


I stumbled over a figure from Chronos Miniatures named „Master of Swords“ that surprisingly offered two heads.

I chose to go with the Twi‘lek style head.
After some research I decided to take a challenge with painting tattoos.


Although far from LSP-modelling I hope you like the result.







Thanks for watching 




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9 hours ago, TankBuster said:

What a awesome figure, painting those tatts must of been very hard. Cheers.

Thank you, TankBuster


They were a new challenge for me as I never painted tattoos before. 

I used black oil paint to have more time for corrections - a good choice if I think about the number of corrections, hahaha.

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8 hours ago, chrish said:

Love it!

I also have a figure on the bench, a female 1/6 "Elf Assassin" right now.

Thanks for your feedback, Chrish


Till now I didn't dare to touch busts or figures in larger scales - still need more practise - and finally again - more space;)

Is it the figure from E2046 your working on, Chrish?

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7 hours ago, Uncarina said:

Those are some serious figure painting skills!


Cheers,  Tom

Thank you very much for your words Tom.


I'm happy to have some magnifiers - otherwise that would impossible for me to get the paint to the right spot...:) 

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7 hours ago, scvrobeson said:

Awesome figure work! Painting the tattoos must have been a challenge.  A Twi'lek Sith is definitely something new



Hi Matt,

Thank you.


Yes it was - but the real challenge was to just trying/starting it - so I'm glad to have found that interesting character that made me painting my first figure with tattoos. 

I randomly found that character in the web when looking for skin color tones of Twi'lek woman. It occurs in Star Wars Legacy - a comic series published between 2006-2010.

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5 hours ago, dodgem37 said:

''I hope you like the result.'

Nothing wrong with a good bust.  Nicely done.  Reminds me of an old flame.




Hi Mark,


Thank you. 

Well, I hope good memories. 

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