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Converting HPH's 1/32 Tigercat into an F7F-3N

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21 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Great to finally see this one here, Fanch. I've been trying to follow it on Facebook, but much easier for me here. And it's fantastic work by you as usual!



I'm with Kev on this one.  I have also been following you on FB and watch this unfold.  But soooo good to see you post here on LSP, you sir have a rare talent!  great to see you back with loads of inspiration for us in the Fanch Fan Club!


Cheers Anthony

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11 hours ago, Pete Fleischmann said:

That is brilliant! I would love to see a tutorial on how you painted the tug-

best work I’ve seen in a very long time!




Hello Pete and thank you: here's more about the tug: it's been some multilayered hairspray chipping. I prefer to make that chipping in a single go so that i get a more logical pattern around the chips. I use intermediate hairspray layers and add a thin layer of gunze auqeous varnish on top of the hairspray to slow down the progress of the moisture though the layers.


here the progress in pics:





Rust colors are applied with a sponge, at this stage you need to be careful not to activate the hairspray layer down under as those are waterbased colors.











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I've been also following along as one of your many fans on FB too but very glad to see your work posted here Fanch!


Your detailing in both printed 3D parts and the post print additions/painting is hands down some of the most incredible work I've ever seen, especially considering it's 1/32!!


Not that I'll probably be building a Tigercat any time soon, but it's incredibly generous of you to share your 3D files on your cults page. 


You Sir, are an absolute legend!!!!!! :) 



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