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Border 1/32 Lancaster Out of the box Review. Guess its here


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  • ironman1945 changed the title to Border 1/32 Lancaster Out of the box Review. Guess its here
2 hours ago, geedubelyer said:

OMG! :wub:








The ultimate plastic model kit? 


Thanks for sharing the link, much appreciated :speak_cool:

Like the HPH 1/32 DC-3 C-47?

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Indeed a humongous  box(I could fit into that easily !! :wicked:  ).


OMG  :wub:  sure does make your heart beat a little faster seeing the amazing kit!


The gentleman  did a super job . His 2 cents was worth it .


thank you  for sharing the link...

better get the cobwebs blown away and open the wallet ...






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OK, that stressed skin is amazing.  If I didn't already have the HK sitting on the shelf, I might be tempted. But I just don't think I have the patience to finish it and the skill level to do a kit like that justice. My attention to detail would become my handicap and I would never finish due to going back and redoing what I already did.   Nor would I have a place I could display it where I could get close enough to see the stressed skin after it was done. 

Want to see an episode of The Twilight Zone for modelers?  Give me one of those kits and set up a camera at my building table.

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Not building one, but the Museum in Hamilton Ontario that has a real one is about 5 hours from my house, not going now but will be going there to see the real thing.  Hopefully next winter, apparently they service the planes so you can see all the inner workings in the winter.

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1 hour ago, Smokeyforgothispassword said:

So, for those of you buying one (or more) do you ;

(a) plan on building it?

(b) If you do, have you decided what airframe your going to model?

I’m thinking that I’ll do G for George, the B1 currently residing in the AWM.

(a) absofreakinlutely ^_^, yes

(b) don't know yet



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13 hours ago, Gary Needham said:

Having ordered and paid for one already as a pre-order, I am glad this has finally come to fruition and it looks like PJ wasted a load of cash on lawyers by trying to prevent this project becoming reality!



Not sure how much cash was actually spent.  All I’ve really heard of on the legal front is sending out a bunch of cease and desist letters, which were pretty much ignored.  In the world of legal fees, that’s probably pretty cheap.

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