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Revell new tool Bf-109G 2/4


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Actually yes. I'm replacing the Revell F-14's borked nose with a Tamiya one, and my botched attempt at grinding out their F-15Bs exhaust grille aft of the canopy with a Tamiya F-15C nose. Both are 99% perfect fits.

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  • Kagemusha changed the title to Revell new tool Bf-109G 2/4

The Hasegawa F uses the G-6 wings.  A plug drops in to ‘smooth’, and I use that term loosely, the ceiling.  The exhausts are individual, something I disagree with.  The cowling is 3 piece.  I found the fit to be less than ideal.  Other than those, I found the rest of the kit satisfactory.


I have an F build in my Signature.

Just my take.  Others mileage may vary.



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