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Kitty Hawk 1/32 HAF Mirage 2000 EGM

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Hello everyone!

Back with another update.

With the camo paint done I moved on to applying the decals.

For this I used a combination of decals from Kitty Hawk's sheet as well as from LM Decals.

I have to say that I was very disappointed with KH's set as I found them very thick and unwilling to conform to surface details. 

A far cry from the ones in the OV-10D kit which behaved beautifully. 

They were also wrong for the Greek Mirages since the provided stencils are in French and not in English.

The LM Decals provide all the correct stencils but come printed in one single sheet so I had cut each decal individually.

In order to overcome the thickness of the KH decals I resorted to a combination of Mr Mark Setter/Softer and a hair dryer...

With the decals in placed I then sealed everything with a coat of gloss varnish and applied a panel wash with Tamiya's black panel line accent followed by a coat of matt varnish. 


* Disclaimer: Kitty Hawk's instructions were not helpful at all in providing any information on what parts to use for each Mirage version.

I used reference pictures as much as possible and as such I was able to convert the arrestor hook cover to the correct version by cutting it shorter.

However, I still managed to miss one important part, the tail fin which would be correct for a -2000C but not for a -2000 EGM...

Unfortunately, it was too late when I noticed.

So... that's that... :unsure:
















As for weapons loads, I went with the Matra Magic and Matra 530 Super missiles.

One thing to note is that KH provides decals for training missiles only so I had to resort to my spare decals box to convert them into "live" ones.

The RBF tags are from AeroBonus.






Next step, weathering! :clap2:

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2 hours ago, geedubelyer said:

That's an aeroplane that looks good from every angle and the model is no different :thumbsup:


Superb :bow:




1 hour ago, Stokey Pete said:

Very, very nice. The Mirage is such a ‘pretty’ looking type. 
I wish I’d bought a couple more before Kitty Hawk left us. 


Thank you guys!

Couldn't agree more with both of you on the Mirage being a very beautiful aircraft design!

The French really know how to make attractive jets!

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4 hours ago, Gazzas said:

Very sharp, mate!  Love the paintwork and crisp details on the weapons.


Many thanks Gaz! ^_^


1 hour ago, Derek B said:

Loving it Spyros! Well done :goodjob:




Thank you Derek! :D


1 hour ago, Starfighter said:

Absolutely love it - great work as usual, mate! 


Thank you so much Ben! :lol:

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The Mirage is an Aesthetically pleasing aircraft with  defined design to make it look SO gorgeous  even in the skies and during combat!!


Your painting is FLAWLESS  and those weapons looks amazing. 

Great job. Your workmanship  is always of high standards. 

:wow:  :clap2:  :bow:




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