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RA-5C Vigilante - scratchprinted

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On 3/17/2022 at 8:44 AM, Starfighter said:


Thanks for your great proposals! The RVAH-14 markings are brilliant, but were worn by early RA-5Cs only to my understanding - curved intake lips, short LERX and short nozzles. Mine is a late one, so that's sadly not an option. Thierry, did you know RVAH-14'S BuNo 150833 even visited Bierset in June 1969? 



Well, 'short' is relative - I have no exact numbers, but the CAD files alone have taken me not far from 300 hours until now... 

Hi Ben,


As someone else pointed it I think RVAH-14 also used the later batch. I ignored they came to Bierset but I was still a toddler at that time! Air forces meets of that time gathered an incredible number of very heterogeneous planes. This was really a golden period regarding that! Too Bad our parents did not have digital cameras!  

300 hours is impressive but as you succeeded in cramming them in 3 months, this is what I considered to be a 'short' period. Terrific work!

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Not a lot of progress this week, I'm busy preparing for a big model show in Germany this weekend - Euro Model Expo at Heiden. I managed to paint the cockpit and to add tons of Anyz knobs. In addition, the fuselage was closed. Besides that, I am busy redoing the wings again. @Richard J was kind enough to point out some errors and to provide extremely useful information which enables me to make the 3D model significantly more accurate. Thanks again for that, Richard! 


And here's what I did over the last few days:






And last but not least, a crappy pic of the assembled fuselage. 





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Happy 37th Birthday.

Have a fantastic  day and good luck at the show.

:beer4:   :beer: :m0152:


And your workmanship  is PHENOMENAL  & IMPECCABLE. 

it is simply mind blowing watching you create and build this EXQUISITE  aircraft. 




Thank you.


MARU 5137.

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Looking good Ben, cockpits are always such a hit but rarely the hard part…not that it doesn’t look great.  It’s the mundane stuff that actually sets a model apart.


Happy belated by the way, hope you added to your stash or got play with a fast car.


Since this bird is on my list of scratch project…you have saved me so much time since I can clearly just use your model….(teehee)


I’ve enjoyed myself immensely lurking on this thread, thanks!



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First post here….came to view the XB-70 build and got sidetracked into this amazing Vigilante build. If I remember correctly the first plane I ever put glue to in anger was a Vigilante kit in the late 70s. Such a good looking aircraft. Profile is perfect. OP(Starfighter) amazing work. The questions will be do we buy the stl files from you or send you resin plus labor fees? 

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Hi everybody, it's been a while - sorry for replying so late! I actually had the dubious pleasure of getting Covid after the show (probably even caught it there, luckily none of my buddies were affected...) and did not do any digital modelling since. Working on a computer somehow was too much for my brain... but it's getting better. On the other hand, I have spent some 110 hours at my workbench during my 9 days of confinement which enabled me to make some serious progress on anotehr project... but more on that later. 


I first have to catch up a lot of work in the office, once that's done and dusted I'll get back to the Vigi. The new wings will require quite a bit of work but that should be no problem. 


Mattcour, the canopies will 3D printed using clear resin. 


Engage, there are no plans to sell the STLs (which is totally out of question) nor to print and sell the parts. 120 hours printing time rfor the fuselage parts alone...  If you buy me two new printers, say a Sonic Mighty 8 K for the large parts and a Mini 8K for the small parts, I may change my mind though... :coolio: :D

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