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Airfix announcement - 1/24 Spitfire


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As for companion models, since it's a Spitfire IX in 1/24, for the time period it was in service there are the two Typhoons, FW190, Mosquito and Mustang from Airfix, and Trumpeter has 109s and 190s, and Kinetic has P-47s. I agree it's limited right now, and some of them are old, but it's a good start. A Tempest would be great, as well as a Mustang III. 


I know people complain about the older Airfix offerings, but with some work (ok, a lot of work) they are still accurate and fun builds. There is a lot of scope there to build magnificent models. To me the latest Airfix releases are spectacular efforts. They are possibly not to Tamiya standards, but is that relevant? From the shots above the Spitfire IX looks like a winner to me. 


Just one person's opinion, I probably have lower standards and thankful for companies like Airscale and ModelMonkey. And I agree with John above...size matters. :)





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Just an observation re: price. 

I've just been browsing Airfix's new offerings for 2022 and the 1/72nd scale Victor is being reissued......£72:49:blink:

If the Spitfire remains at the proposed £94:99 that doesn't seem bad by comparison does it?

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18 minutes ago, silver said:

Resin gun sets are out there for the 1/32 Tamiya spitfire mk1x-c and have all guns . And cannon’s.

They will be slightly undersized if you put them in this 1/24 Spitfire though ;)


Joking aside - everything seems to be right where it should be to my eyes

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If anything has been omitted, it would only be for clarity - ie to allow you to see other detail (like the whole of the fuselage and undercarriage in the above pic:P)


From what can be seen of the armament in the above - I agree we can see a cannon in the Starboard wing, and 2 x 0.303 in port & starboard wings. Due to the angle the rendering is produced, the engine is blocking the view of the cannon in the port wing, but can definitely see the ammo crate in the wing.


The "C" type or universal wing could accommodate various weapons fits, up to 4 x cannons + 4 x 0.303 MG, however due to the weight of all 4 cannons being fitted causing a massive hit on performance, it was more common NOT to have all 4 fitted at once. The most common arrangement was as shown in the renderings. Just to clarify, the "c" referenced in MK IXc refers to the wing type fitted to the aircraft, and not a subtype of Spitfire.


(Hope I have my info correct, gleaned from the Valiant Wings Book on the merlin powered Spitfires:huh:)

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Hmm, comparing a 1/32 Tamiya spit with a 1/24 Airfix spit........


I prefer the Airfix spit, and if that's what I want the wife supports me 100 % and the kids too (I'm reading The Right Stuff, so pardon my John Glenn phrase)


Why ?


Well a Spitfire is British and Airfix is also British.


Not that I believe that a Japanese kit manufacturer can't make a superb Spitfire kit...


But if I buy a BMW car, I want it to be German. Designed in Germany and made in Germany.


So, for the Spitfire : I want it to be British, made in Great Britain and sold by a British company.


Like many modellers I grew up with Airfix and any "British-related" kit, screams Airfix to me.


I mean Airfix, yes AIRFIX ! . Just saying it brings a smile to my face. It also reminds me of James "captain slow" May, another smile to my face.


Even if the 1/24 Airfix spit will look like a big scale Revell Spitsfire, I would still buy one, because it's AIRFIX.


Nostalgia, memories from my youth building all those Airfix kits....


Those things are far more important to me then the next perfect kit from Tamigawa.


Basically : 1 large pint of bitter, Rule Britania playing on the background and a big 1/24 AIRFIX spit in front of me.


That's not just nostalgia or memories from my youth, it's modelling heaven.


Thank you AIRFIX for over 40 years of pure joy.



Just my 2 cents ...




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1 hour ago, silver said:

Looks like the new 1/24 scale Spitfire from airfix is missing a set of guns.Tamiya’s  1/32 scale is fully loaded.I could be wrong.

Just had a look at the Instructions - has exactly the same loadout as the new Airfix 1/24th Mk IXc : 2x Hispano Cannon - 4 x Browning 0.303 MG.

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