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1/35 Miniart Caterpillar


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hi all, 

having in mind to build a Kitty Hawk OS2U Kingfisher to complete my seaplane trilogy, I was folgorated by this picture, and decided to try to reproduce it.



so, waiting for the right mojo to start with the plane, I built the Cat. I decided that the 3 points in scale difference can be ignored due to the distance between the two subjects and the perspective that will work for me (I hope).

the Miniart kit it's a 642 parts beauty, something that can drive crazy an impacient modeler. fortunately I'm just the opposite, a sort of zen sloth, so it was sufficient to follow the instructions step by step and carry on to obtain a nice solid base to play with paints.



the kit it's fairly completed, I added the Eduard PE fret, but actually it wasn't necessary. I added to the kit just fuel lines, frontlamp guards and the glass air filter.

to paint it easily, I kept it separated in main subassemblies til the end.



with some extra attention it's possible to adjust the track tensionator, obtaining more or less sag on these, at like.



I used lifecolors acrylics for the main painting, rely on oils for the weathering.



the sole item missing for my purpose was a decent driver, so I made my little Frankenstein's monster assembling one from parts coming from several origins.



after some trial and error, I arrived here.  




and since painting figures is my black beast, I forced myself to complete it during the building of the tractor.



the three carters on the track tensionator are not glued yet, i have not yet decided wich is the best setting for these.



also, the low part of the Cat deserves some more weathering with sand dust, but I'll wait until it will join its base, before attempting to do this step.



I added a couple of Italeri jerrycans and a padlock, and i think I'll add some other little details, like rags, at the final disposal of it.



either the track links will need to be combed, and again I'll wait the final stage of the diorama building to do that.



all in all a fun building, if you're looking for something different, that's a really nice choice.

cheers, Paolo




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