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1/18 Curtiss P40C


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Thank you very much for all the kind comments chaps, I am really enjoying this one :)


18 hours ago, KiwiZac said:

My thoughts exactly. I love how well this one's progressing, Peter!



Well, it was progressing fine until I went to post last nights update - in doing so I was going to add a picture of the radiator area to show what I was doing - this one actually..




..it was then i noticed something and realised I had just learned (or re-learned as I have done this before) an important lesson...


..always check references...


I had used jumpeii Temma's plans as reference for the formers & layout around the nose and had spent all of yesterday buiding the intakes to those drawings


look at how they compare to the trace I took from a combination of photographs..


..look at where the vertical duct seperations are vs the blue overlay version. :ninja:




I posted anyway and thought initially I could live with it - well you don't spend a thousand hours on a model and get the face wrong, so after sleeping on it, the whole lot was ripped out and another 6 hrs spent doing it all again today..







..you live and learn as they say...



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Hat is off to you Peter.  My brain has a real problem with doing something over again.  Hard to understand - a few hours here and there should not be something to fret over.  But I do.  I would have never known BTW.  I have very little expertise on the P-40.  The P-51 OTOH, I notice just about everything....a curse.  But you would have known.

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Hi all, thanks for your kind comments :)


not back at work yet after a long Xmas break so got some good benchtime in


Wanted to get the rear of the chin intake sorted - a few things to note..


see the big natural metal duct that takes the air out of the upper two radiators to the exit




..and the rads themselves are mounted in a bulkhead behind the lower ring former that holds the cowl flaps.. you can also see the ducting here with holes in for the cowl flap control rods..




..I started by nicking one of Mrs airscales mascaras as it was the right diameter to give me good forms to start making a mould to form the duct over - she put up a small fight, but with a promise to buy her a better one, it was soon cut to bits..


I made up a plastic card 'bath', put the sectioned mascara tubes in it and filled it with P38 filler - that gave me a good basis to make the mould which I later pulled a vacform over..




..as the real one is natural metal, I needed to skin this part, so while it was still on the mould I started working some annealed litho..


..the main tools of the trade here are a tiny ball pein hammer and a coffee stick..




..after working it, sanding it and wire wooling it, the part was getting near to being finished..




..the three components - it took me way longer to make the mould bits than the part itself..




..added the holes and rivets that hold this panel..





..to actually integrate it into the airframe I had to section the keel and remove a section so I could fettle it and get it in position..


..also started on the bulkhead..




..added a black plastic card backing to the bulkhead and cemented it all in place.. the radiators themselves and some of the fittings are in the monster PE set I have coming from PPD next week







..it was quite a job to get all this to line up - especially the angles and sit of where the duct meets the rads..




..next up, I am going to try filling the fuselage with this sculpting foam and then a skin of P38 before skinning the airframe in metal..






..should be interesting - hope it works out :)






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