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1/18 Curtiss P40C


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Really!?  As mentioned by myself and others way too many times before, this update is crazy good as usual.  No point claiming that this offers inspiration, because I could never achieve this level of pure modeling excellence, ever.  Hat’s off to you Peter.  You are a true talent.




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On 2/19/2023 at 7:43 PM, airscale said:



Oh yes please! My favourite obsolete aircraft design!

I always thought they should've left this Bearcat alone just like that, it looks soooooo good, much more interesting than with the paint job completed.


Also: Pete finally having his fun at least with the frontend of a radial engine, or perhaps even the whole affair, pipes'n'all, can't wait to see that...! :coolio:


Cheers, Joerg

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On 2/19/2023 at 11:43 AM, airscale said:

thank you chaps - very kind and much appreciated :)


next up are the flaps...these were designed in PE a long time ago, so it was time to assemble them..


..lots and lots of folding..




..about half the ribs adeed..




..and then completed - each had the cap strip added which I have to say was about the most horrible modelling experience i have had for a while..






..then the skins were made - there are 1,800 rivets in both - I know because I drew the layout and counted the objects..




painted and with torque tubes & fittings added..








so thats them done... and while there is still a great deal to do before this is complete, my eye has been wandering like a drunk at a wedding to what I might do next..I have a couple of parameters I think - 1) i need drawings, it's like my little drug..2) It needs to fit in my expensive show cabinet @ 55cm square...


happened upon this scheme when the Planes of fame F8F took it's first flight - a bare metal Bearcat..




..it's got me thinking.. :)


i wanted to do a Sea Fury, but no drawings and its too big, so this might keep me happy for a while longer



Yes! Barecat! Barecat! I would love to see you work your magic on this airplane. In the meantime, your build is a privilege to watch.


Cheers,  Tom

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The landing gear "castings" came out beautiful Peter.... you've really nailed your soldering skills. I've just been admiring the skinning work around the struts, not so much for the compound curves (although they are nothing short of spectacular), but what really caught my eye is the little "joggles" you've added really accentuate the skin work on these early machines.


Just one more of the million reasons your builds are so spectacular! :) 



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Thank you everyone, much appreciated :)


the next sub component was the prop...


..I started by cutting a brass sheet blank and adding telescoping tube to provide the mount and the strength..




..this was then filled with P38 and primed & sanded multiple times to get one decent master..




..that master was used to create an RTV mould - I only had a little bit of plasticine so really I made the mould too small so the castings were not great, plus they had parting lines & holes where there were bubbles..




..these were then filled & sanded..




.and then after about 4 sessions of filling, sanding & priming I had 3 good blades..




..they were painted with a mix of alclad steel & aluminium after Waroff confirmed the early P40's had unpainted steel blades..






..and on the airframe..






..theey still need the data panel at the root, but I will do that when I get dry transfers made for the rest of the airfame notices..





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Good looking prop blades, but I do have a question!


I'm not sure how long it took to make the master blade but would it have been quicker/easier/better, to make 3 ‘master’ blades, rather than making 1 the casting 3 in resin and then having to rework them, not that I’m knocking your work, Oh Masterly One!


Also, have your sprayed/painted anything on the bodywork to protected it from chocolate coated or greasy finger prints?

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