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1/18 Curtiss P40C


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evening folks :)


On 9/13/2022 at 7:45 PM, BiggTim said:

Hi Peter,


I read through your great tutorial threads, but I just can't seem to find anyone who sells 0.06mm (.0024 inch) litho plate material. Any suggestions?



Hi Tim - the only place I know of is where I got mine, but I got 100 x sheets bigger than A4 - I don't know if they do smaller amounts - it's called Jade long runs


On 9/14/2022 at 6:05 PM, Thunnus said:

Amazing work as always, Pete! Most of these techniques are beyond me but there are a few nifty ideas (like the tape template) that I may be able to use.



There is nothing here beyond you Thunnus, in fact I think if you for example lost the main gear door on one of your glorious Fw190D's you could and would scratchbuild one equal to, or better than the kit part - it's all about shapes and basic construction, I just make it look fancy :ninja:


it was time to sort out the under wing area - quite a lot to do here..


the wing join needed filling, the flap housing in the fuselage needed doing, the lower keel parts needed making etc etc


.. I started by filling and fairing the wing join - I also added some false flaps so I could fill and sand over them and leave a perfect outline for the recess..


..here masked up for a shot of primer so I can see whats what..


..you can also see the big hole at the front - thats where I ripped off the fairing I had made before as it was wrong..




..the false flaps doing their job well - these were just bits of litho exactly the shape of the recessed flaps bordered in tamiya tape....




..once it was primed I added the ribs right at the end where the flap meets the fuselage..




moving forward, there are no drawings I can find of the forward fairing - I just have to go off photo's and in fact this whole area has been really hard to interpret in terms of the fairings & LE wing root fairings..


..you can see behind the cowl flaps is a ducted fairing from the back of the radiators (the dull ali fairing on the right..)- this I made ages ago and now I find it's not quite deep enough, or long enough




..I remade the fairing to meet that ducted fairing and used the cowl flaps to understand and set out the geometry of the fuselage edge...




..I did my best to interpret it and compensate for the earlier error - you can see the fairing below the cowl flaps - this should be as long as the cowl flaps are...




..these pictures belie the amout of making, re-making, measuring, re-measuring etc that has gone on in this area and I am still not entirely happy..




..I reshaped the cowl flap borders, the leading edge fairing area and still think there is more to do..




..I also need to cut the slots in the forward fairing for the big ammo ejection chutes and do a lot more finessing here..






..once I get all the keel parts made, the shapes & fairings right I can start skinning it all, though there is a lot going on under here so it will take a while..



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Could be an issue stemming from different models of the P-40, but from what I can see in photos of later airplanes, the large streamlined fairing that cleans up the airflow coming out of the radiators and the longer, skinnier fairing behind it are less two separate parts like you have it and more one big part with gappy joints.  The external tank hardware confuses issues a bit when trying to figure things out but it sure looks to me like there may not be as much going on there in later airplanes than what you are trying to build into your model.  Of course, your airplane is an early one, so Curtiss may not have gotten the simplicate and streamline memo at that point.

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I've only photographed one P-40C and that was P-40C 41-13390 at the Flying Heritage Collection. Not sure what is specific to the C, but maybe you'll see something in my pics of the area you are working on that might help in some way.


















Hope these are of some use (even if only as inspiration) -- but as with any restoration, use your own judgement







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