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1/18 Curtiss P40C


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Peter.  Dude.  Following.  I just spent a fortune on another 21CT Mustang, to replace Miss Velma, which is looking more and more inadequate.  I wonder if I should not try just what you are doing, but on a P-51D.  Your progress so far is eye popping.


And BTW - don't you know I am on the same page when it comes to Aircorps Library, and using real live engineering drawings to help with the build.  But the P-40 drawing set is still being worked on as I understand it.  I hope you do not find alot of dead ends.  So far for the Corsair, nearly every drawing is available - a pleasant surprise.

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LOVE the subject Peter and will love what you are creating in such skilled hands.  While we mortals glue together little parts that come in a kit, you make the kit, then put it all together like you are doing right now.  Always amazing to me.




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Another of my favorite subjects Peter, I will be watching your magic on this one for sure.  I was fortunate to see the subject aircraft before it left for the UK and shot some detail photos as I too would like to model the aircraft eventually.  If you would like copies of the pics just let me know where to send them, happy to share.

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