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1/35 ch-47 chinook’s (yes two) :)


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  • matt_1185 changed the title to 1/35 ch-47 chinook’s (yes two) :)

Soooo I’m adding a second chinook to this thread so I don’t have to have multiple posts :) 


new order came in CH-47D ALp0SLR.jpg

also got a few more live resin figures to go with them. 

the rotors are much bigger on the D model! 


they also have more droop 


two is always better than one lol 



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11 hours ago, Nessus said:

Very cool, I need to get back to my -D to 47G conversion too. Too much other stuff going on.

oh man your one of the lucky ones that was able to grab a Werner’s conversion kit. I’m super jealous haha I’ll be lucky to do a few things like the MH has 

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Mine hasn’t moved forwards for about 4 years…..  I have however filled all of the rivets in in the last 8 months:)  I keep threatening to finish it.  One day…

 If you are interested, you will find an absolute mass of useful research data in my build on BM or ARRSE.

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