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1/16 Tamiya RC M51 Super Sherman


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Way back around 1968ish I remember visiting Simpson's in downtown Toronto, and going to the toy section which had a very large model section. Back then plastic models were like video games for kids today.. very popular. My friends and I bought/built them all the time.


I distinctly remember looking for a 1/48 P-51B.  But during my visit I spent a lot of time at a large sand table display that had a large RC  Pzkpw Mk IV being driven around. So cool!


I've finally started getting back to the childhood dream of having my own RC tanks.  Have Tamiya's 1/16 M51, Tiger I, and Leopard 2 A6. I've also added an updated drive/recoil/sound/light system to Tamiya's 1/25 Panther A.


So here we go, 1/16 M51!





Lots in the box.









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First order of business. I intend to drive this all over in the muck, and am not super super concerned about accuracy. BUT... this kit has the wrong configuration for the engine deck and the engine access doors/exhausts at the rear. Also.... I really prefer the M4A1 cast hull.  So I found a 1/16 M4A1 resin hull, and a replacement engine deck. Out with the razor saw, superglue and epoxy and away we go!





Also I cut away the Tamiya kits fenders to use with the new resin hull.








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After some trial and error I managed to fit hardware that secures the hull to the chassis (of course its removable).  

And this is where it stands for now.

Thank god the resin is nice and soft, sands easily with lots of water to keep resin dust down.

Cheers, hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas. All the best for a Happy New Year!

And stay safe out there!












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4 hours ago, eoyguy said:

This may be useful for your build:




And this as well, the gun travel lock thats missing from the kit:




Hey Eoyguy


Yes, have seen the first link already, but really appreciate the Shapeways link. Was thinkin to scratchbuild it but hey if its avalible...





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3 hours ago, cnq said:

Heng Long ?

Don't think so, the only 1/16  I have seen by anyone is Tamiya. There are several different Shermans by different RC companies, the closest to an M51 probably being either the Hooben M4A3 76 "Fury" (HVSS), or the Mato M4A1 76 (VVSS). I really do wish Tamiya would see fit to make more of their 1/16 RC tanks available as static kits. 

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