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HK Lancaster Cockpit


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It has been a while since I posted a completed build; this past summer and fall were interesting times for me to say the least.  I was able to get back to the bench in late November and finished the Lancaster cockpit kit I began working on in May.  I did a lot of scratch building on this build adding several electrical and hydraulic lines, as well as making some electronic components.  Scratch building is one of my weaker modeling skills so I was pretty satisfied with how the build turned out.  The nose section is marked as an 83 Squadron (Pathfinder) aircraft circa the spring of 1943.






The only weathering I did on this build was some very minor scuffing of the paint in a few areas.





Most of the scratch building work I did can't be seen well - or at all - but, a few of the lines and pieces of equipment can be seen.  I did a build thread on the 

"In Progress" thread, so if anyone would like to see more of the scratch building it can be seen there.




The electrical lines turned out pretty well, and look the part after painting.









I added a small red LED light thinking it might make for some neat "mood" pictures.






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6 hours ago, KiwiZac said:

It looks fantastic, beautiful work Ernest!


Please forgive my ignorance: does the kit come with the stand/trolley or did you add it?


13 minutes ago, Gerhard said:

Superb. It is  very well done and you can feel right proud about it. 


Thank you guys!  Kwiwzac, the trolley is part of the kit. 



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16 hours ago, Uncarina said:

How did I miss this? Your Lancaster turned out splendidly Ernest. Very inspirational!


Cheers,  Tom


15 hours ago, MARU5137 said:




Your Lancaster cockpit is very  nice.

It really is TOP NOTCH of a build .



Your scratchbuilding  is AWESOME!




Thank you Tom and Maru for the kind words.  Tom, I never installed those cockpit curtains as I ran out of energy on this build.  I look forward to seeing your solution to that little challenge.



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7 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Lovely work, Ernest! You've just become the first banner on our Facebook page for 2022!




Thank you Kev!  It is a real honor that you thought the build was good enough to post it as a banner, that was very kind of you.



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19 hours ago, IvanVasili said:

WOW! That is awesome! Now added this to my shopping list in 2022!


10 hours ago, 100 SQN said:

Very nice Ernest. Did you have any issues with the build ?


Thank you guys!  The kit went together very well.  The only areas that were fiddly were the cockpit platform due to my adding an A/M seat and a good deal of scratchbuilt equipment and lines; and the cockpit canopy took a bit of work to get it to sit properly - nothing very vexing though.



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