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Cessna Skymaster- finished


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Hot on the heels of the Dash 8 I'm going to try doing to this what I did to the Bird dog.

The box top;


and knowing how soft Rodens plastic is and the nose weight I'll probably need, I decided to try making my own main gear spring (brass stock)







hopefully a good representation of the main gear, some spare resin wheels from my stash


Thanks for looking

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3 hours ago, chrish said:

Agreed, those tires are seriously low on pressure!


Maybe they were based on the ones seen at the Tillamook Museum... some serious underinflated rubber on the 1947 Bellanca 14-13-2 Cruisair Senior #1438 on display






And there definitely others there...


The Nord 1101 Noralpha #175 might have been too low for consideration.



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I spent a bit of time...other than time spent drinking spice rum and eating turkey tinkering on the Cessna. Almost everything (surface wise) needs a sanding, at least for the projected gloss white paint I'm hoping to put on later. I was going to make my own 3 blade props until I realize I had to make 3 more backwards from what I'd done. Forgot one engine is backwards I guess (don't ask how I've managed to live this long) So, back to the original kit parts with 2 blades per engine (I can't imagine how noisy this real thing must be)

Anyway, a bit of progress here;




My abortive attempt at 3 blade props



engines with a bit of paint








And that's it for this update

Thanks for looking

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As of tonight I have fitted the cabin interior (except the I.P.) and engines, so far everything has been a good fit to this point.

I also added seat rails from T stock just for a bit of contrast on the floor, instrument decals are "Airscale"



all laid out ready to glue up



and finally, all stuck together


Thanks for looking

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