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Ta-152H1 advise on painting please

Nigels modelling bench

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As can be seen in the attached pic i am wrapping up my ZM Ta 152 project and have a question regarding the ali panels on the under wing and belly surfaces.




You can see where I've masked the NMF and will paint around it RLM76. Is this correct or would it have been a soft edge where they spray painted in the field?


Thanks for any advice.




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Can't see /open your picture but from what I recall, late war German aircraft were assembled from components made all over the country.   Typically, some of the underwing panels would be left in NMF, while others were finished with whatever color was called out / they had laying around the shop.   As such, I would wager that it's a hard finish going from one panel to another. 

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1 minute ago, Nigels modelling bench said:

I am copying the BB code link and putting it in "Insert image from URL".  I'm sure this is what I've done in the past?


I have no idea. Hopefully someone will come along and help out. On ImageShack, I just use the "direct link" and paste it using the insert from URL function.

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2 minutes ago, Martinnfb said:

few well known pictures of the Ta-152H underside, I would move the blue on the lower leading edge further down the wing, no sharp line.


That's where my mind was taking me Martin. If they painted them in the field there would be a soft edge. Thank you.


I shall remove the tape and add a white tac sausage or two. I have left the flaps bare metal and the ailerons will be blue so I'm sorted.



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