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Aerocraft Early & Late skids for ICM/Special Hobby AH-1G


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Hi Brian 

yes they are work in progress, but I am making a few changes, the supports will be brass, and the skids I plan to do as 3D printed parts. There are a few reasons, one cost, as the entire assembly gets quite long, also I am concerned how the guys will cast them and deliver them to me with the step ups bent and or the skids bent they will just be a nightmare to get looking right

see below how I have cut the supports/struts these will be cast in brass, as will the tail skid, I will do the early and late types as two different releases

first attempt at making a new skid, kit one glued to square plastic rod. 
I need to tweak the 3D shape but the method is there and shape is not far away

release will only be in January due to the huge work load at the brass casting company and then they close for 3 weeks from Christmas onwards.




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On 12/6/2021 at 5:49 AM, Confusionreigns178 said:

I will be ordered some sets of these, once they're released. I reckon the kit-supplied skids will last months, rather than years. 


If you are anywhere near as ham-fisted as I am, they will last about 30 min after you put them on. 

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Guys these will hopefully be available in the next two to three weeks. They are at the brass casting company right now, production slowed with the Christmas shut down and when I spoke to the owner last week they were down 30% of the workforce of with COVID, and they are only small company.

I will also need to check before I can release them, but LSP will be the first place I will advise.

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