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Z-M Bf109G-14 “Old Man Blog”

Dave Williams

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Here are some photos of the anniversary event, courtesy of Mr Kuniyoshi Shigeta : 

These are photos of the preparation. 


This is Kobayashi-san, the in-house model builder. He is one of the best model-builders I know and has the best job in the world. 







Here are some photos of today's event: 














That guy pushing the ladder looks familiar! :ph34r:





More photos were posted on Twitter (use Google Translate). https://twitter.com/volks_hobbydept






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We now have what I consider top of the mark kits of: P 51D, A6m2, A6m5, F4u, F4u1a, Spitfire Mk VIII, Spitfire MkIX,

Ta 152, Skyraider, Raiden, and now, the P 40B along with this Me 109 and seemingly soon to be released Fw 190.

That is a pretty good lineup of single engine kits.

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51 minutes ago, John1 said:

I'm sure it's a non-issue but if these are parts for the G-14, where is the tall tail that was standard on this variant?


This is a "special edition" kit of the Bf 109 G-14 flown by Erich Hartmann. The parts shown are for his particular aircraft (actually a couple of parts do not seem to be shown). This aircraft was "neither horse nor donkey", it had features of a G-6 (short tail) and a G-14 (MW 50 boost and C3 fuel). 

The Old Man's Blog described the future versions of this model. 


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On 1/14/2022 at 5:40 PM, Jennings Heilig said:


It also stayed in service longest because the RLM and the German command structure in general were such screwed up organizations.  Lots of promising designs never saw the light of day because of political in-fighting, favoritism, and the fact that starting in 1943, Germany was losing the war and simply couldn't keep up with Allied advances.  The fact that there was so much dependence on slave labor proves that point.  Had the Luftwaffe had its way, and had sanity and common sense prevailed, the Bf109 would have been superseded by far superior designs after 1942-43.

The G was performing OK on the eastern front where big numbers of a/c were needed and as such it made sense to keep producing it. On the other fronts it was pretty much outclassed by mid 1943. One issue was that the RLM had no real alternative designs with sufficient potential since focus had been placed on the 262

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1 hour ago, Rick Griewski said:

IIRC the G-14 aircraft were produced with small tail units or tall tails.  This release is about a particular pilot that flew the small tail variant.  Other variations with short or long tail wheel assemblies.  

Tall tail wheels were initially reserved for the JaBo/Rei variant

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22 hours ago, cbk57 said:

The Germans were a bit like a good College team taking on Alabama.  If everything went perfectly they could have won, they came out with a lot of enthusiasm in the first quarter and had the lead but lost the game 45 to 10.  The 109 was a symptom of that, good plane but not enough.  Above all not enough Germans for the tactical considerations of the 1940s and the Technology that was realistically available.  Everyone says the Germans could have done this or that, or if they had this weapon or that one.  But the allies could have come up with answers to everything the Germans could come up with too.  

Germany lost the war because of demographics and oil. Everything else are just adjustment variables...

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