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AIMS NEWS 1/24 & 1/32 Luftwaffe airfield set

Pastor John

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Hi everyone,

Sadly I have to report that my hands are wreaked, in particular my dominant right hand. The Carpal tunnel op has not helped and it is the surgeons opinion that the Median nerve has been crushed for far too long. I am hoping to get an appointment with a university professor dealing with nerve regeneration but no news so far. I have enough strength to cast using much softer silicone moulds than before but the packing / folding / using computer is the killer. So I am back but slow, less hours and in lots of pain. So that is that I do what I can for now.


So..... I have just received the 3D prints for my forthcoming Luftwaffe airfield set composing 2x C-Type trestles and 2x wheel chocs. (the sets has also been printed in 1/48 - apologies for the bad language lol). As you can see I have the horrible cleaning up work to do now - even without bad hands no fun! Hope you like. I will advertise when available, thanks J


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