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what size of lead wire for wiring, brake-lines and hoses etc do you use?

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My modelling shop has a huge selection of copper and lead wire, so I'm spoilt for choice... :D


I want to add some lines and hoses to the landing gear of my A-6A Intruder, but not having done this before in 1/32 (a Fokker D.VII doesn't have a lot of that!) I wonder about what sizes I would need. I'm not looking for .0001mm accuracy, just something that gives the effect of a difference between a line and a hose, so max 2-3 sizes I presume?





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Now I'm going to have to get that Cabella's set - thanks for posting it.  I have been using 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 mm lead wire from UMM, but that set provides three additional sizes (the metric sizes I have are roughly equivalent to 0.01, 0.02, 0.03 inches....)

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I’ve found for my uses, that .010” for a metal tube and .020”/.025”for the flex hose gives a nice rendition…thats just for brake lines to hoses though, and that’s just me, you’ll have to decide for yourself what looks good to you.    

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