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JA37 Viggen, Jetmads 1/32


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3 hours ago, Paramedic said:

Ah, no worries. Does not really matter, what matters is that i get to enjoy the build..! ;)

Who can keep track of all the weirdos anyways?? :ph34r:B)



I'm happy you are so magnanimous about it :D

weirdos? In modelling forums? Naaaaah, only plasticly inclined overly interested styrenophiles :P



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9 hours ago, Christoffer Lindelav said:

Is it necessary to add weights in the nose of this model? I mean to avoid having a tailsitter? Great job btw, I am surely following along on this build.


Thanks Stoffe :D

I doubt it.... can't really say for sure since the fuselage is still in two parts but there are no mention of ballast in the instructions at least :)

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Eugh.... but it has to be done!


Wohooo, Friday and updatey-time!

The worst part of modelling in my mind is taking care of seams and body work.

We hatesss it!....Hssssssssss!


Well onto the work...


I needed tho scrape off about a milimeter to make the rear fuselage and the tailcone even. 

I must say I love this tool though, instead of sanding like forever  I quickliy dispatch with offending plastic or resin.







Then some filling with Tamiya putty.






After sanding with 120 grit, 320 grit and assorted sanding pads I got it to this...







Checked with primer... well a little more to do.







Again on with Tamiya putty but this time I scrape it on with an old X-acto blade as to just fill the pits.







As the putty cured I puttied up around the wheel well in the fuselage.







And glued on a couple of hot air outlets. I won´t glue the other pair until I put the fuselage together.






And there the putty was sandable. I used 320 grit very very carefully and then used my pads all the way to 2000grit







After checking with primer I was pleased.







Then I glued the droptank real quick....not the best of fit here  :/ Oh well putty and sanding to do later on then







Well time to restore lost details, rivets and panellines.

There is a panelline right in the seam between the tailcone and the rear fuselage.. a tricky are to scribe...







The trick is to make really soft pulls with the scriber as not to break through the putty! To do that hold the scriber at the end like this. Then do many dosens of light light pulls over the seam.







And you get this straight and evenly depthed panelline in the putty of the seam.







With the panellines done it was time to put in the lost rivets..... I marked where with a pencil.







And premier for my riveter! I´ve always done rivets with an awl before but finally I got one of these. yeah I know basic modelling equipent....just took a while for me to get around to getting one 








And with that I´m done for today 









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59 minutes ago, Scotsman said:

Just finished panting the splinter scheme on mine , nearly 4 weeks of masking/painting/masking/painting - all because my wife loved the purple tail scheme -- AARGH..


It's a brilliant kit , and you're joying a beautiful job on it 

4 weeks?? Sheesh that's a mighty long time....

I'm still far away from painting but I have a bunch of Viggen under my belt in 1/48, I will demonstrate when it's time but for now I can share my paint process.

1. Prime in gray

2. I only preshade and do squiggles on the underside

3. paint the underside in Swedish blue gray (MRP is great)

4. Mask off the paintborder.

5. Paint the whole upperside in midgreen (MRP again....use it for all colours if you can)

6. Mask off the midgreen.

7. Paint the brown ( here it is good to have an eye on references since the brown can vary greatly in hue....I prefer a greybrown mix with a hint of green)

8. Mask off the brown

9. Paint the dark green.

10. Mask off the dark green

11. Paint the black.

12. Unmask and done.

I give a full day's worth of drying time between the colours.





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2 hours ago, Christoffer Lindelav said:

I think someone mentioned on another forum that it might be a good idea to seal the edges of the masking tape with the same colour before masking for the next colour. To prevent the next paint to creep under the edges of the tape. If you know what I mean? 



 I guess that depends on how you paint I guess, I have never had any issues with Maestro paintmasks and I'm quite sure they will behave in 1/32 too. :D



16 minutes ago, Scotsman said:

Jan you are a FAR FAR better modeller than I am - that;s why it took so long , the wings  were easy the fuselage , hmm hot so much , 


Oh and your Viggen is a work of art , seriously 

LOL,  nah...not sure of that but I do have e quite a number of Viggen under my belt....

Let's see now...I've built at least 5 Esci in 1/48th scale...and, oh my.... is it 8 Tarangus? Sheesh

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