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JA37 Viggen, Jetmads 1/32


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9 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Looks good!

Thanks Out2gtcha :D


4 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Man, that's a lot of masking tape!



:P yup, kind of like a wrapping

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4 hours ago, Zola25 said:

..and it feels just like Christmas when you tear it off again ^_^ - Looking good

Precisely :D you should know.

Thanks Zola25 :)

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On 1/12/2022 at 5:20 PM, Phartycr0c said:

Amazing...... looks beautiful 


Made a start on mine now so looking back through your thread for the hints and tips!!! 


Thanks Phartycr0c :D

go for it! You know where to find me if you have questions.



21 hours ago, Marcel111 said:

Rapid progress and looking excellent!

Thanks Marcel111 :D

Dunno about rapid tho....been at it since early October :P


10 hours ago, blackbetty said:

very nice job!


Thanks blackbetty :D



1 hour ago, spyrosjzmichos said:

Fantastic work on a kit I would definitely consider very challenging! 

Thanks spyrosjzmichos :D


Well it's my first resin kit ever...so it's all new to me. A learning curve

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10 hours ago, chrish said:

I just spent a couple hours going through this EPIC build! This is amazing and the “go to” for anyone building one!

Thanks chrish :D

I'm really happy my idle ramblings and frolicking about brought you such joy :D 

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Ah, Friday again and here is a small update again.


Moving on

After finishing that splinter cammo one would think that the model is all but finished but no.

Now it's about making the canvas ready.... everything up to this has been a transport distance and there are more to do before it is time to breath life to the model and give it a soul.

It's a serene moment when you move on to the small stuff. First off is to paint the regulator and you also see the edge of the cover that shuts the reverser slits in supersonic flight. I begun with masking







I masked the fin tip as well.







Then I shot Alclad Gloss Black Base







I use Alclad Airframe Aluminium to get that shiny base that I can work with









The next step was to shoot Alclad steel and then remove the mask.










I shot Alclad Gloss Black Base on the fintip and the nose cone.










Then I bettered the intake lips with Alclad white aluminium










I'm thinking of leaving this beauty spot as is in fact you will find lots of these on real Viggens too....the paint shop wasn´t manned with modellers :P







There you go :D Next on my to do-list are the black edges on the wings and fins, fix the forward radarsensors, do some bettering painting here and there and from there move on to the wheels and struts.








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