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1:32nd scale Salmson 2-A2


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Hi all,
At last the rigging is complete.
I've added the side bracing wires from the fuselage to the underside of the upper wing.
Also the upper and lower drag wires from the engine bearer frame to the underside of the upper wing and leading edge of the lower wings.
The flying, landing and fin bracing wire infills have also been painted with the same colour as the undersides of the wings and fuselage.
I chose CDL as it's difficult to know if these infills were CDL or blue (as for the rigging wires.
My assumption is that blue would has stood out too much against the camouflage surfaces, so I opted for CDL.


So now it's onto the four wireless wires from the cabane struts to the underside of the upper wing.
Also the fuel tank vent pipe,







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Hi all,
I've now added the pilot's Vickers machine gu ('GasPatch replacement), gun sight, ring site, mirror and coolant header tank.
Also the wind driven pump/generator, with pipe from 0.4 mm diameter black tube from 'MFH'.


Just the ailerons and control cables wind screens and observers weapons to add, then it's onto the figures,







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Hi all,
The aileron control cables have been added.
The mono-filament used is 0.08 mm diameter and is left clear.
Although the structural rigging was painted blue, the control cables were left unpainted.
I assume this was due to the cables being regularly adjusted and maintained.


Now onto the observers weapons,





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Hi all,
The observers twin Lewis machine guns assembly is now done.
I replaced the kit supplied weapons with 'GasPatch' weapons.
This required modifying the kit supplied gun mounting and adding both the cross bracing between the gun handles and the spreader bar between the breach blocks.
The gun mount spindle is 0.4 mm diameter tube located through holes drilled in the gun mounting lugs.
The handle cross bracing is 'EZ' line (heavy) routed through 0.3 mm diameter holes drilled diagonally the the ends of the handles.
The twin bungee lift cords around the gun support tube are also 'EZ' line routed through 0.4 mm diameter holes drilled through both sides of the tube pivots at the base ring.

The spreader bar between the breach blocks is 0.4 mm diameter tube.


Just the two windscreens to go and the model itself is complete.
Then it's onto the figures,







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Hi all, 
The four figures are now done.
These figures are from 'Copper State Models', although two were German ground crew figures.
I modified one of those heavily as he will be stood in the observers cockpit.
The heads were replaced on both by changing French heads around and using one head from 'Hornet Models'.
The figures were painted using a combination of 'Tamiya' and 'AK Interactive' acrylics.

The model is complete now, apart from the display case and a replacement propeller front hub (wrong type fitted).


Once again, many thanks for your support and encouragement throughout this build.


I will post completed photographs in a week or so,











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