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1/15 Bf109 " my first fully scratch build"

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On 11/13/2021 at 6:36 PM, Troy Molitor said:

Nice update Antonio. Looking good my friend.  

Thanks Troy, challenge project but I'm positive for now ;)


On 11/13/2021 at 7:20 PM, Marcin_Matejko said:
Great job, good luck 

Thank you Marcin for the wishes ^_^ 



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13 hours ago, chuck540z3 said:

Amazing ambition.  I'm really looking forward to more updates.




Thanks Chuck, glad you enjoy them mate! hoping more soon :) cheers


8 hours ago, Maybach_man said:

Hi...great project...watching with interest... Is this a plug that you are intending to form a fuselage from?

thanks, no intention to make a vac fuselage from this one, will cover it with aluminum sheet ;) cheers


5 hours ago, JayW said:

Antonio - good god man.  What a project!  I have a thousand questions, but I will wait.  Following.

thanks a lot,  please feel free to ask anything my friend! although I'm improvising much of the process as it comes

2 hours ago, airscale said:



I love watching stuff like this :)


You are doing a fab job Antonio




Thanks to you Peter, as I said before, your fantastic work has inspired me to begin this project,  hope I don't disappoint the Master  :D cheers


52 minutes ago, Rainer Hoffmann said:

That's looking very good.


Are you planning to skin that bird with aluminium like Peter (airscale) does with his models?  :coolio:




thanks, exactly that's the idea, never skinned a plane before so it will be challenging for sure! ^_^cheers

50 minutes ago, N.H.71 said:

Now it becomes interesting whether you‘d like to build up an F-4 or a G-2? Any decision taken on that Antonio?


Best regards 


Thanks, humm, I think the balance now  is 75% to the G2 but still not totally sure, things can change overnight :lol:


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some progress update, the nose ribs were glued, also I am thinking about doing 2 interchangeable noses using some aluminum tubing system and some magnets,  one closed and a second with open cowling covers and displaying the engine, right now playing around the cockpit dimensions and elements, thanks for watching, cheers












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